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Hennen Library Consulting - Previous Clients Page

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A sample of previous clients:

Brookfield Public Library, Wisconsin Scott County, Iowa Kansas City Consensus - Making Book Study
Greenfield Public Library Washington State Library Racine Public Library, Wisconsin
North Texas Regional Library System Washington County Cooperative Library System - Oregon OCLC - Best Ohio Libraries
North Suburban Library System, Illinois    


Brookfield Public Library, Wisconsin

The Library Board and staff engaged in a six month planning process with the author and developed an extensive long range plan for 2004 to 2006.  The plan is featured in Hennen's Public Library Planner.   A copy of the plan is available here.

Kansas City Consensus - Making Book Study: Gambling on the Future of Our Libraries.

This special White Paper on library services in the Kansas City metro area was published in Spring 2004 by Jennifer Wilding for Kansas City Consensus.  Consensus gives citizens a voice in public policy decisions. Since 1984, Consensus has provided citizens with the neutral environment and the tools they need to study, recommend and pursue action on policy issues that affect metropolitan Kansas City.

Hennen and Wilding published an article that explores the options related to library districts within the specific context of the KC Consensus study on library services in the Kansas City area.  "The Challenge of Wider Library Units," in Library Journal September 15, 2004.  Pg. 36-38. 
For more information:

Client quotes: "A special thanks to Thomas Hennen, author of the HAPLR Index and several articles about the structure and funding of libraries. As the report states (over and over), there are few comparative studies about libraries, what they offer and how theyíre structured. The writer relied on Mr. Hennen to provide information that was otherwise unavailable. His articles, an interview and numerous emails were absolutely critical to this report. The writer appreciates his knowledge and his graciousness in sharing it."

A copy of the plan is available at: http://www.kcconsensus.org/

OCLC - Best Ohio Libraries

Ohio has less than 3% of the nationís libraries but fully 25% of the best-rated libraries according to the data in the Hennenís American Library Rating Index.  How can that be?  At a luncheon hosted on December 10 the Online Library Computing Consortium (OCLC) in Columbus, the HAPLR Index Author Thomas J. Hennen Jr. addressed that and other questions.  The luncheon was held as a tribute to the five libraries in Ohio that finished number one in their respective population categories.   

A copy of the report is available here.

Racine Public Library, Wisconsin

Legislation is pending in Wisconsin that would allow for the formation of library districts with elected boards and direct taxing authority. The Division for Libraries, Technology, and Community Learning distributed federal grant funds to libraries interested in exploring the options.  Hennen Consulting began work on this challenging project in the fall of 2004.  A report was completed in December of 2004. 

A copy of the plan is also available at: http://www.racinelib.lib.wi.us/Docs/RacineCountyDistrictPlanningFinalDraft-3.doc

Scott County, Iowa

The four libraries in this county of 160,000 each received grants to fund the study. 

Tom Hennen is one of team of four consultants that is working on a library organizational and governance options study for Scott County Iowa.  The team is led by Jennifer Wilding of KC Consensus.  The two other team members are communications specialist Mary Jo Draper and statistician Martha Kropf, Ph.D. 

The libraries of Scott County have requested an objective outsiderís look at ways to provide citizens with better and more efficient services at reduced costs while retaining their identities as community libraries.  The libraries requested a final report that includes a range of recommendations from simple operational efficiencies to consideration of complete change for all four institutions, and the likely staff, board and public reaction to each recommendation.  The goal is a county where residents pay their fair share for improved library services.  Interim reports will be available during 2005 with a final report expected for 2006.  Reports are located here.

North Suburban Library System, Illinois

Tom Hennen worked with the technical staff at North Suburban to develop a web cast presentation that was described by Karen Schneider, the Internet Librarian for American Libraries.  The presentation gave the members of the South Central Library System a graphic view of the HAPLR ratings and the library system's input and output measures.

A copy of the plan is available here.

Client quotes: "I was especially impressed that you were able to so completely tailor the report to our specific libraries and their needs."  Sara Long, Director of North Suburban Library System and Past President of the American Library Association.

North Texas Regional Library System

In 2007 Hennen Library Consulting was engaged to develop easy to use templates for long range planning for member libraries of this 72 member library system.  Go to the NTRLS Consultants Page and follow the links under long range planning for the results.

Washington State Library

Tom Hennen served as part of a team with Consensus to develop the long range plan for the State of Washington and the Library Services and Technology Act plan. 

Greenfield Public Library

In 2004 the Library received help in developing a joint library plan similar to the Racine Public Library Plan described above.  Hennen Consulting developed the plan in conjunction with the Library and the neighboring Greendale Library.  In 2006 the Library Board requested assistance in hiring a new director. 

Washington County Cooperative Library System

In 2009, Tom Hennen served as a principal in a Consensus study of library governance and funding options for this library system of over 350,000 population and 15 libraries. The Report is available here. 

March 2010

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