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KC Consensus Report on Libraries

Kansas City Consensus, a non-partisan independent public interest research firm, has just concluded a year long, in depth study of twenty first century library needs in the greater Kansas City area. The full Kansas City Consensus report, along with the executive summary will be available on the web at www.kcconsensus.org after the press conference on April 20. There will be wide interest in the report around Kansas City and among the wider library audience nationally.  

The author of the report is Jennifer Wilding.  She interviewed key library stakeholders and devoted thousands of hours to researching the topic for Kansas City Consensus. Her broad ranging and thought provoking analysis will challenge KC metropolitan citizens to examine their library past and present in order to create the best possible library future. Objective is the byword of the KC Consensus analysis. 

Thomas J. Hennen Jr. served as a consultant for KC Consensus on this project. He is known widely for HAPLR (Hennen's American Public Library Ratings). Hennen provides historical perspective and professional judgment to the KC Consensus report. He also provided statistical comparisons to KC Consensus about the strengths and weaknesses of the four major and two smaller library systems in the KC metropolitan area. 

Making Book (the full report in PDF format).
Making Book Summary (the executive summary in PDF format). 
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Updated April 20, 2004 


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