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Library Impact Fees Program
March 23, 2006 at Public Library Association Annual Conference
Thomas J. Hennen Jr.

Tom Hennen presented information on Impact Fees at PLA.  This page expands on that presentation.

This PowerPoint Presentation on Impact Fees was used as the basis for the presentation at the PLA Conference. 

"Library Impact Fees," in Public Libraries, May/June 2005, pg. 169- 175.  This article in the periodical for the Public Library Association describes how and when to consider Impact Fees. 

Sample Impact Fee Report.  This sample, developed by Hennen Library Consulting, can be used to develop impact fees at an individual library. 

Chapter 6 and Appendix 3 in Hennen's Public Library Planner deal at length with establishing impact fees in public libraries.


General Information on Impact Fees.

The use of impact fees can be a very effective tool in library funding and development. An impact fee is a property tax assessment placed on a new home while it is being built.  The theory behind impact fees is that new residents impose an impact on the library that should be borne by the new resident rather than current residents.  State law must authorize the impact fees for library purposes. The impact fee plan will ordinarily need to be developed by the library or its agents.  This session will help those that attend decide whether or not impact fees are right for their circumstances.  Hennen is the author of “Library Impact Fee” published in the May/June edition of Public Libraries magazine. 

 What are impact fees?

l       State law authorized

l       One-time Fee on new residential properties

l       Dedicated capital purpose –

        Fire halls, sewers, parks, libraries, etc.

l       Requires an Impact Assessment Plan


Sample Fee Structure 






Some Libraries That Use Impact Fees

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