HAPLR Index Regular Mail Form

Print this form mail it to:

HAPLR Ratings
6014 Spring Street
Racine, Wisconsin 53406

The Basic HAPLR Score Card is $30.00 per report if mailed, $15 if e-mailed.

Library Name: _________________________________________________________________________

Address:       __________________________________________________________________________

City:                 _____________________________   State:   ________   ZIP Code:        ______

Phone number:_______________________________         Contact:    ________________________

All reports include:

  1. your library's HAPLR score, rank of all comparably sized libraries and percentile scores.
  2. a graphic comparison of the percentile ranking of your library for the 15 input and output measures.
  3. a detailed report on the library's score on each of the 15 factors and the library's rank among like sized libraries.
  4. Comparisons are to the 5 closest sized libraries in state and nation.

Graphical comparisons are provided for the library and numerical comparisons are provided for the comparable libraries. Note that in a few small states and for large libraries, there may not be enough comparably sized libraries in the state. 

Check one:

___________ Please bill me for HAPLR Index Standard report mailed to me at: $ 40.00

__________   Enclosed is my check for $30.00  for the standard HAPLR report.  

__________  Bill us for a PDF report at $15.00 for the standard report e-mailed to the following address: