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Miscellaneous Page 

Consulting Resources

Governance Options Studies. 

Best places to work. 

The article "Best (and Worst) Averages in the Library Majors" is from the October 2005 issue of American Libraries.  Large libraries with the best salaries for newly graduated library school students.  (PDF version requires free reader)


Library Advocacy

Stand Up for Libraries The cover story by Thomas J. Hennen Jr. in the June/July 2005 American Libraries.  Explores way to advocate for libraries.  

Library Funding

Library Impact Fees.  From the June 2005 issue of Public Libraries.  The article describes how library staff can develop a plan for setting library impact fees.  Impact fees are set on new houses as they are being built and designed to offset the impact that new residents will have on expanded library operations. 

Wider Library Units

Thomas Hennen explores the options related to library districts within the specific context of the KC Consensus study on library services in the Kansas City area.  "The Challenge of Wider Library Units," in Library Journal September 15, 2004.  Pg. 36-38.  See also "Making Book," below. 

Full Not Plural Funding
"Restore Our Destiny: Full not Plural Funding," in American Libraries, August 2004. Pages 43-45.   This article asserts the need for libraries to be fully funded as a public good rather than be funded by NPR style fund-raising. 

Making Book: A Kansas City Consensus Study
Thomas J. Hennen Jr. served as a consultant for KC Consensus project to investigate the need for wider units of service in the greater Kansas City area.  The results were published in Spring of 2004. 

Answer to Budgets in the Red

The March 2003 issue of American Libraries carries Thomas J. Hennen Jr.’s article: “We Must Answer to Library Budgets in the Red.”  This site expands on the on that article. 

Larger Units of Library Service

Are Wider Units Wiser  An article by Tom Hennen appeared in the June/July 2002 issue of American Libraries, the official publication of the American Library Association.  

Invest in tomorrow, invest in libraries

Two national studies by the American Library Association found first a high degree of correlation between economic recession and higher library use; and second, an extraordinarily high degree of satisfaction with library services. The studies were reproduced for Waukesha County Federated Library System in Wisconsin with similar results.  See the results here.  

GASB 34 

GASB 34 (pronounced to rhyme with The Great Gatsby) is a new set of accounting rules, considered by accountants to be the most monumental change in government financial reporting in American history.  Thomas J. Hennen's article appeared in Library Journal in June 2001.  

State Trustee Manuals

State Trustee Manuals.  A listing of the recommendations by state libraries or state library associations for public library trustee manuals in various states.  

Testimony on Libraries to the Wisconsin Legislative Study Committee

In October 1996, the Wisconsin Legislature convened a Legislative Council Study Committee to investigate library issues in the state.  Tom Hennen was invited to provide the lead testimony to provide the history, context, and future needs for legislation in the state.  "Make no small plans, for they have not the beauty to stir our souls," he urged, echoing city planner Birnbaum as restated from the 1948 National Plan for Library Services.

HAPLR Speeches & Presentations 

Standards and Cards


  • DatCalmGuy Selected Postings by Thomas J. Hennen Jr to PubLib.  
  • Catalog as Community: A Metadata Meditation by Thomas J. Hennen Jr. in Library Computing  (Formerly Library Software Review)  March/June 2000; v 18, n 1/2.




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