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Order a report

How to order:
Regular Mail

No phone orders for standard reports please.

All reports are copyrighted, but purchasing one for your library gives you the right to reproduce any number of copies for distribution, providing that copyright notice is included.

Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® is free software that lets you view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. With Acrobat Reader, you can also fill in and submit Adobe PDF forms online. And now, Acrobat Reader for mobile devices lets you view Adobe PDF files on the go. Also available with a PowerPoint presentation, see below.

Standard reports are $15 each for PDF orders, $30 for pre-paid orders that we mail to you. (Sample)
Libraries are compared to the 5 state and national libraries closest to their population size.  Graphical comparisons are provided for the library and numerical comparisons are provided for the comparable libraries.

  • PDF file orders -Standard orders that we send and bill completely by way of a PDF file.  Please note that this includes a PDF file INVOICE.  It has been our experience that these invoices often do not make their way to the proper spot for library payments, causing us billing problems, so PLEASE pay from the PDF invoice if you order a PDF report. 

  • Mailed Orders. Pre-paid orders are accepted for $30 each. Orders requiring invoices are billed at $40 each.  Allow at least 4 weeks for delivery on mail orders.  

  • Rush Orders: Rush orders are sent as PDF files within 48 hours, add $25 to the price of the report.  Rush orders may not be available on all reports.

PowerPoint™ Presentation:  (Sample) 
For Just $50 you can now get a PowerPoint presentation with the STANDARD report for your library. This offer is only available for libraries that take delivery by e-mail of the PowerPoint presentation at the same time as they order the Standard report.  An e-mailed PDF report (see above) and an e-mailed PowerPoint together will cost $65. Not available on snail mail orders.

Special reports start at $150.  (Sample)
Libraries can specify individual libraries that they wish comparisons for.  The cost is $30 per library specified.  Both graphical comparisons for the library and numerical comparisons are provided for the individual and comparable libraries. A summary graph compares your library to all comparables.  Minimum price on a special report is $150.

Regional or state summaries: (Sample)
Contact the author thennen@haplr-index.com with the specifics for your system, county or region for an individualized quote.

PowerPoint™ Presentation:  (Sample)
If you order a Special report or a regional/state report above, you can also order a PowerPoint demonstration to present to your city council, library board, or the public.   Presentations are $20 per library cited in a special report or regional/state report.  Ask about special prices for over 20 libraries. (Minimum price: $100).

Consulting Reports.  (Samples)
We do a variety of types of consulting in the areas of long range planning, marketing, and impact fee assessments.  For all the consulting, we use the principles and data included in Hennen's Public Library Planner, of course.

The HAPLR Index provides a comparative rating system that librarians, trustees and the public can use to improve and extend library services in the third millennium. Order a rating sheet for your library today.  See a sample report, then get a customized report for your library. Remember that you are granted permission to reprint any reasonable number of copies needed as long as HAPLR copyright notice is included on each copy. 

All reports include:

  1. your library's HAPLR score, rank of all comparably sized libraries and percentile scores.
  2. a graphic comparison of the percentile ranking of your library for the 15 input and output measures.
  3. a detailed report on the library's score on each of the 15 factors and the library's rank among like sized libraries.
  4. comparisons to the 5 closest sized libraries in the state and nation.

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