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Hennen has published extensively on each of these topics.  Learn more in these vital workshops for state and regional library associations, library consortia, individual libraries and others.  Program length us negotiable and usually run from one hour to two days, depending on client needs. 

  1. Long range planning - The author of Hennen's Public Library Planner outlines the process of library strategic planning. A one hour to two day presentation that will start your library on the road to greatness.

  2. HAPLR Ratings - Hennen's American Public Library Ratings have received media coverage throughout the U.S. Your state or regional group wants to know what the ratings are about and how they are developed.

  3. Library Districts - Only 20 states allow the formation of special districts for library services. This workshop will help greatly if you are thinking of forming one under your state's laws.  If your state lacks such legislation, learn about getting the needed laws passed.

  4. Impact fees. Impact fees are property tax assessments that are placed on new homes as they are being built. The funds raised are then used to cover the capital costs that result from the impact that the new residents will have on a library's operation.

  5. Library Standards.  Public library standards are more critical today when we must balance the books and bytes than they have ever been. This presentation will highlight needs and best practices. 

  6. Budgets in the Red - Hennen recently responded to another consultant that pushes the NPR model of Plural Funding by urging a return to tax supported library service.  He also responds with specific strategies for dealing with massive budget cuts in public libraries.

  7. GASB 34.  Auditing requirements can send libraries into a tailspin without solid guidance from a pro. Get that guidance with this presentation. 

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