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Presentations: HAPLR Rating System

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American Libraries has featured five editions of Thomas J. Hennen Jr.ís  HAPLR ratings since January of 1999.  The ratings have received newspaper, radio, and television coverage in scores of communities throughout the U.S.  The controversial rating system employs 6 input and 9 output measures to construct individualized rating summaries for the thousands of libraries in the U.S.  The rankings are similar to an ACT or SAT score.  

State by state scores put Tennessee last and Ohio first in the ratings, but this presentation will go beyond the simple scores into the details.  Find out where your state or region's libraries need to improve as well as where they are already beating their peers in library service. 

The presentation will include:

  • The HAPLR Index and how it is constructed.
  • A description of the elements of a standard HAPLR rating report.
  • The elements of a special HAPLR report.
  • A call for national library standards that I believe should be adopted by PLA.
  • The most frequently asked questions about the HAPLR ratings.

Type and Length of Presentation:  One to three hour lecture/discussion session.

Sample presentationComparing Ohio's Top Ranked Libraries

Contact:  Thomas J. Hennen Jr. at thennen@haplr-index.com  

Room Setup details.

I will need a screen and projector that can connect with a computer using Microsoft Powerpoint.  I expect to be able to load the software and test the equipment at least a half an hour before the program.  I prefer a portable microphone as well as a podium.

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