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Presentations- Impact Fees

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Impact fees allow communities to assess up-front costs on new homes as they are built in a community. They are intended to allow communities to levy a fee to offset the impact that a new household has on the ability of a library to sustain its service level. Such impact fees are far more workable in larger units of service. Impact fees are not legal in some states, and quite controversial in many others.  Developers often oppose them and governing bodies have mixed responses. 

Hennen has experience in developing impact fee plans for libraries and the session will point out the strategies, tactics, and data gathering processes that go into the successful development of library impact fees. 


Type and Length of Presentation:  One to three hour lecture/discussion session. Two day workshop for planners also available. See also Consulting page for information on engaging Hennen Library Consulting to lead your long range planning effort. 

Sample presentation A sample impact fee statement for a Wisconsin Library is provided. 

Contact:  Thomas J. Hennen Jr. at thennen@haplr-index.com  

Room Setup details.

I will need a screen and projector that can connect with a computer using Microsoft Powerpoint.  I expect to be able to load the software and test the equipment at least a half an hour before the program.  I prefer a portable microphone as well as a podium.

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