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Presentations- Library Standards

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Hennen has published on the issue of library standards for some time.  He believes that standards are important and that they standards should set clear numerical benchmarks for all libraries in a state.  He also believes that the American Library Association should develop new national standards for public libraries to replace those that were abandoned in the late 1970s.

His presentation will speak to the types of standards used in the various states and recommend best practices in the development of public library standards for the 21st century.

Here is a sample of work by Hennen on the issue. 


Type and Length of Presentation:  One to three hour lecture/discussion session.

Contact:  Thomas J. Hennen Jr. at thennen@haplr-index.com  

Room Setup details.

I will need a screen and projector that can connect with a computer using Microsoft Powerpoint.  I expect to be able to load the software and test the equipment at least a half an hour before the program.  I prefer a portable microphone as well as a podium.

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April 2010

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