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Sample Reports Page

Samples (except for PowerPoint ones) require the use free Adobe Acrobat software.  Download it here. 

There are various types of special reports available.  All samples are from previous editions of HAPLR.

  • Standard reports priced at $15.00 each for PDF reports, $30 for mailed reports.  Libraries are compared to the 5 state and national libraries closest to their population size.  Graphical comparisons are provided for the library and numerical comparisons are provided for the comparable libraries.

  • PowerPoint Presentation to accompany Standard Report For Just $50 you can now get a PowerPoint presentation with the STANDARD report for your library. This offer is only available for libraries that take delivery by e-mail of the PowerPoint presentation at the same time as they order the Standard report.  An e-mailed PDF report (see above) and an e-mailed PowerPoint together will cost $65.  Not available on snail mail orders. 

Special Reports

  • Library peer report - Pricing varies by number of libraries chosen, usually $150 to $300.  Compares a given library to peer libraries that the client chooses, usually 5 to 20 libraries.

  •  System or regional report.  Pricing varies by number of libraries chosen, usually $250 to $400. This type of report compares all the libraries in a given county or region to each other.

  • State report Pricing varies by number of libraries chosen, usually $300 to $500.  Compares all the libraries in a state to one another.   

  • PowerPoint™ Presentation for a special report. 

If you order a library peer report or a regional/state report above, you can also order a PowerPoint demonstration to present to your city council, library board, or the public. Presentations are $15 per library cited in a special report or regional/state report.  Ask about special prices for over 20 libraries. Not available for standard reports. 

Consulting Reports

We do a variety of types of consulting in the areas of long range planning, marketing, and impact fee assessments.  For all the consulting, we use the principles and data included in Hennen's Public Library Planner, of course.

The consulting can be a critical assessment of your library's current plan and a suggested strategy for a new one.  We can also provide extensive on site training for you and your staff in using the principles in Hennen's Public Library Planner.  We can serve as facilitators and consultants on the entire project of developing a plan. 




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